Your Eyes

You hated your eyes,

You told me they were dull and brown,

You wanted them an ocean blue,

For anyone who looked in to drown.


It pained much when I realised,

That you never see it like I do,

The way your eyes hint a story,

The ones I want to read right through.


Your eyes hold specks of gold,

Like the carrier of stolen sunlight,

One may miss it with a slight glance,

But a languid gaze puts me in a trance.


Your eyes are like melted chocolate,

When I’m craving something sweet,

With a stunning, unwavering gaze,

I find it hard to meet.


I stumble down the dark hole,

When I look into your eyes,

With hidden, mysterious beauty,

And some dark, shielded lies.


Every time I look at them,

They seem to change to something new,

Like warm coffee,

Summer days,

Things better than just blue.


When I am tired of looking in them,

Tired of not being found,

I hope you never say to me,

That your eyes are simply brown!





Her Flaws


Her eyes don’t shine,

 Each day of the week,

Her hair’s unruly,

And she can’t fall asleep.


There are bags under her eyes,

And her nails are chipped,

Her voice sounds croaky,

And there are cracks on her lips.


Her smile isn’t stunning,

There’s dirt on her toe,

And when you hear her laugh,

It’s not perfect, I know.


Her eyes aren’t blue,

Her hair’s a mane,

But she’s beautiful,

In her own way.


But what’s a rose,

Deprived of its thorns?

And there won’t be a rainbow,

Without a thunderstorm.

A lion is none,

If you cut off its claws,

So, a girl is no girl,

Without all of her flaws.




Her Monsters

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How can you say you know her,

when you don’t know her at all,

you’ve only seen her caressed skin

not the untamed world,

that’s growing within.


You haven’t seen her monsters,

hidden beneath her perfect smile,

they growl and snarl at her,

sucking all the happiness from her.


You haven’t climbed the branches,

that are twined around her heart,

they sway with every breeze,

as the thorns pierce into her.


Haven’t you sailed across her ocean,

collected by her tears?

with every drop that rolls down,

she drowns in her own fears.


Her eyes are like empty tunnels,

that never seem to end,

they went on forever,

until all she saw was darkness,

falling through the rabbit hole.


Wait for Light


My twisted soul can no longer fly,

Darkness rips at my blinding eyes,

I’ll wait for the sun to rise up someday,

To give me light so I won’t be afraid


Everyday I wait for the sun to rise,

To gift me happiness,

A reason to smile.


While I wait, I break a little more,

These fragements shall lie deep in my core,

My eyes can’t wait to see the bright sunshine,

They wait patiently, imagining a scene divine.


I’ll wait till my tears are full to the brim,

But I can’t drown my demons,

They know how to swim.


I’ll wait for the light,

To lead me out of the dark,

I’ll wait to hear the sugar sweet song of a lark.

~ Asmita


adult black and white darkness face

 Those pounding beats,

Were they the last?

As the hours whiled away,

Her heart wasn’t fast.


Those eyes so blank,

They stare up into space,

Her hands twitched,

She longed to escape.


Her mind was a scribble,

Her thoughts were obscure,

She couldn’t silence her mind,

She couldn’t do it anymore.


She was trapped in herself,

Like a befuddled caged bird,

Could she escape her confines?

Could she finally see the world?