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She’d learnt to keep a shallow mind,

So people didn’t have to swim,

They thought they knew every word,

Swirling in her mind within.


She was water,

She was deep,

An unreachable soul,

Hard to reach.


She was drowning in her tears,

No one to tell her,

Not to fear,

The dark and murky waters of her.


An ocean of her feelings,

Hidden under the pool floor,

Her waters turned darker,

No one would dare to go.


Even she didn’t want to dive right down,

See what lay down there,

Everytime she went too deep,

There was a deadly lack of air.


Her soul was left unexplored,

As all her waters turned to blackness,

But soon she saw a speck of hope,

And dived right in.


She discovered a world of her own,

She roamed places underneath,

But as she swam too deep,

She forgot to come up and breathe.


She gasped for air,

She swung her hands,

Trying to swim up,

Come to land.


Her lungs could not withstand,

Her new-found love undersea,

She overlooked the importance of her breath,

She sunk low, drowning in her depths.




6 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. This is honestly awesome,
    Since your blog is one of my favorites I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award (I’ll admit I don’t don’t know what it is) but you could find more about it at:
    and Keep the good work up…

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