Your Eyes

You hated your eyes,

You told me they were dull and brown,

You wanted them an ocean blue,

For anyone who looked in to drown.


It pained much when I realised,

That you never see it like I do,

The way your eyes hint a story,

The ones I want to read right through.


Your eyes hold specks of gold,

Like the carrier of stolen sunlight,

One may miss it with a slight glance,

But a languid gaze puts me in a trance.


Your eyes are like melted chocolate,

When I’m craving something sweet,

With a stunning, unwavering gaze,

I find it hard to meet.


I stumble down the dark hole,

When I look into your eyes,

With hidden, mysterious beauty,

And some dark, shielded lies.


Every time I look at them,

They seem to change to something new,

Like warm coffee,

Summer days,

Things better than just blue.


When I am tired of looking in them,

Tired of not being found,

I hope you never say to me,

That your eyes are simply brown!






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